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Trump is Wrong

  • Ayla Holdom
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The reasons that Trump sites

were that it was detrimental,

detrimental to operational

He used not quite so great language.

And the cost involved,

Both of which were completely

phase of looking at this policy of having

trans-inclusive policies.

The cost is far, far less

It's far less than, I

of the military medical budget

And the other one was

and saying that, you

as capable as their non-trans peers,

which is ridiculous.

There's a great documentary

at War and in Love, which

out in Afghanistan, on

And he's transgender, he's

absolutely sorted, there's no detriment

to his operating overseas.

He was respected, he's

And to suddenly say that people like him

and many others as well,

trans personnel in the

based on any, a rumor

It's not based in fact.

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