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Foot and Mouth

  • Alice McDermott
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


If you remember, we had that big foot and mouth outbreak

quite a few years back.

And, of course, many countries didn't want

our foot and mouth to infect their cattle.

So arriving in Canada, we'd always have to walk through

a disinfectant bath as we got off the aircraft.

The Americans when we landed one time in America,

I do remember that their customs and agriculture

that would clear the aircraft would often come and inspect

and look around.

And I was captain of the aircraft

and it seemed to be taking a long time

to clear that day and I went down the back

to just see if I could help in any way, assist.

And I asked the inspector what he was looking for.

And he looked at me, completely deadpan and told me,

"I'm looking for foot and mouth."

And I just had this image of little green monsters

climbing around our freight bay.

I couldn't really contain myself

and had to run back on the flight deck and hide.

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