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Not recognized as Captain

  • Julie Ann Gibson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


There were lots of funny moments when,

when I got my wings.

I was flying as a female pilot in the RAF.

Particularly involving,

people outside, outside the air force.

I remember in one country,

we had stopped over night.

I was flying the Hercules.

And we have a weather

and the person giving the

and went to the, I think the

and said, "Captain?"

And he said "nope."

And so they went through the navigator,

and the engineer, and the co

All men, then they all

"no she's the captain."

And yes that was quite funny,

in that I wasn't recognized straight away.

Yeah and there were plenty

when I landed somewhere,

and people didn't realize that actually,

I've been flying their aircraft.

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