• Kate Brophy
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I have a nickname in the RAF Ladies Cricket Team

and it's WILC and that's W-I-L-C

and the reason the other ladies in the team

so lovingly call me WILC

is we were playing a match down at HMS Collingwood

and I happened to happen to drop in

that actually I'll go back a bit,

so we were playing a match,

it was somewhere down at HMS Collingwood

but we were on Whale Island

having a social

and I happened to mention to the girls

that my mom had met my dad

who was in the navy at the time

in the local bock, the local navvy on Whale Island,

so from that point onwards,

they called me the Whale Island Love Child

and I've been known as WILC for the past 13 years

in the cricket team.

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