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Wellington Crash

  • Barry Love
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Grandfather, was on the

they took her for an operation in May 1942

for a bombing raid in Mannheim.

So they're flying across northern France,

got bracketed by flak

and roughly 15, 20 minutes

Eventually the starboard

(fire crackling)

The first person out was

who was the front gunner followed by

Brad Bradley who was

Coming out through the hole there,

is a depiction of my grandfather.

Alec Crud was the tail gunner, he got out

just before my grandfather and he stopped

the fuselage to help him out.

The pilot, evidently here,

Sergeant John Bincroft climbed

at the front, they all got out.

Carried out and ran across

just as as the starboard

and took the rest of the

  • Barry Love's grandfather, Jack Love

    © RAF Museum

  • 'The Love Brothers' Jack, James and William Allen

    © RAF Museum

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