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Wellington Crash Model

  • Barry Love
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The stories of my father,

and my grandfather, and me brothers

appealed to me from the point of view

that there was no other

I couldn't do photographs, obviously,

because they're long gone.

The crash scene, they're long gone.

So I decided to build a Wellington

knowing the crew had all survived.

Everybody builds in flying,

on hog standings, ya

to tackle a crash like that before.

So I was like, I'll do it.

The aircraft is a 172

The board itself is just a

Then you use domestic filler

to create the plow field itself.

The smoke coming from the engine

and Persian cat hair.


We have a Persian cat and

And the fur, rather than be thrown away,

my wife, she came in with

"Well, there's some smoke for

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