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  • Veronica Moraa Pickering
  • Interview by: Jess


I trained as

and most of that work

settings and very deprived communities

with multicultural communities

And the first thing you notice is

all these different people have come from,

Some of them have been here

They're not new migrants

in that respect that people who were born

their lives who have the same difficulties

And I think my interest in diversity

So I was very keen to see

I was asked to join the

EDI steering committee,

the steering group, which I did attend

a few meetings and I was able to support.

I hope, with some clear views.

Not that I think the RAF has done

I think they've been doing that work

but maybe haven't moved as fast

And I think this is

I think they are somewhat slower,

to be honest,

that are outside the military,

from learning from other organizations.

And how to do the work around

diversity in a way

that this is going to help them connect

that they want to connect with

And I have to say

with reverse mentoring programs,

with workshops and events

There's a lot of work still to do,

that we're able to have conversations

and I certainly wasn't

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