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Honorary Air Commodore

  • Veronica Moraa Pickering
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The role of the HAC is really

to be an ambassador in every possible way

and the wider partnerships

And you can only do that

in the civvy street as I would say

So we have people who are very involved

people who were involved in policing, academia

and communities and people

So there's a real, broad

skills base

by by the formation of the Honorary Air Commodores role.

And we all get together

we think the RAF could do

how we can then promote some of the work

I remember being asked if I would consider

taking up the role, which was back in

2018, and I just was a bit

shocked and surprised.

But at the same time,

hugely honored

I felt privileged, obviously,

I just felt very privileged

where I could then start thinking

Of course, that's challenging

You know, that's not something I can do.

I don't have the skills for this.

And at the same time, you know, once

then realize actually, that's why

It feels like it's not just about me.

This is about lots of other people

to talk to me about the military

but also share in the pride that I feel

And I think that's probably

It's it's a connection with other people

and which is why

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