• Alfred Huberman
  • Interview by: Josh Levine


Well you'd hear the pilot.

He's giving instructions

to all the crew who were now going.

And we'd tour around the

the circuit of the aircraft.

To the the takeoff point.

And he would tell the navigator

that we're taking off and which direction.

And then in those days

you would fly.

The one thing that we had

that doesn't exist anymore was fog.

Fog was an absolute menace.

It was bad as, it could be as bad an operation.

The worst bloody thing that could happen

was you got back to England and you couldn't land

at your own station.

Because you had to go to another place

and by the time they found room for you

to get to bed and sleep and that, sort of five o'clock

in the morning, then wake you up eight o'clock

to take you back to your other aircraft.

That was a real bloody nuisance.

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