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Mercedes’ Chickens

  • Mercedes Simon Wild
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Mercedes was a little girl that had the chickens.

Says, "You're causing me a terrible problem!

You're dropping those parachutes and scaring my chickens,

and they're not laying eggs anymore!

And for having to clean out the chicken coup every Saturday

when the kids were going fishing, I do all of my chickens.

And that got my eye right away.

Little seven year old girl, Mercedes.

That's me.

Said, "You're causing me a terrible --

Those chickens aren't laying eggs anymore!

You're scaring, their feathers are falling out!"


And so I -- but then the paragraph said,

"When you see the white chickens,

drop it there, I don't care if it scares them."

Well, we found her house

and dropped her a plate of candy bars.

  • Gail Halvorsen

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