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Harriers in Afghanistan

  • Andy Edgell
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


And obviously in an area like Afghanistan

you always want to keep separation from the enemy,

funny odd thing.

Our operations were up at medium level,

sort of 15 plus, thousand feet.

Yeah you just do a lot of work

with some troops on the ground, close air support practice,

communications, you know taking down what we call

the nine line, which is someone on the ground

asking for close air support.

So employment of ordinance to achieve an aim,

whether it's you know, taking out an enemy in a building,

or something as simple as

what we had a, called a show of force.

Just get down low, make some noise

and let the enemy know that you're there and you're armed

and if they don't disperse,

then there's a subsequent course of action.

Just lots of close air support practice really.

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