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Danger Close

  • Andy Edgell
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


I do remember hearing the voices

of the friendly coalition forces on the ground

when they ask for help.

It's rarely a "would you mind awfully

"coming to help us out, old chap?"

They need help.

They need help there and then, and they do not care.

There were a few occasions where,

we have a thing called danger close, you know,

you're weapons can frag a large area.

And obviously you don't want the blue on blue,

you don't want to hit your friendly forces.

And so you have an area, and if you're inside that area

you refer to it as danger close.

There were a few occurrences where

you'd be called to employ ordinance.

But the friendly guys, they were damn close

to where they wanted you to drop.

And you'd say, you're inside my safe zone here.

And they'd just go yeah, don't care, danger close.

We'll get a head start.

And they're brave guys.

Those troops on the ground, they're brave.

'Cause they are calling in air support

to drop live ordinance really, really close.

And they get their heads down,

and they hope that we're accurate.

But, you know, that was the price of war.

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