• We dive-bombed them!

    David Cottle
  • They called me a Combat Wombat.

    Sara Waymont
  • My favourite story

    Beth Perry
  • My favourite story

    Romano Allan
  • The noise was phenomenal the flying was phenomenal

    Ian Lucas
  • Your crew was your life, your family, you depended on to live.

    Roger Mason
  • He had to literally crawl to the nearest farm.

    Shelly Mason
  • I'm just like a normal lad from Leicester

    Jacob Heath
  • Where it came from nobody knows.

    Shelly Mason
  • So that was something that was really really special to be a part of

    Jacob Heath
  • The Russians had cut off everything

    Aldon Ferguson
  • We unloaded twelve tons in just over three minutes

    Brian Conway