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The moment I appreciated flying

  • Sara Waymont
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I got onto the Herk

and it was dark when I flew out,

and I was expecting to

in the noise and the smell nastiest,

and I actually got to go and

and they passed me a headset

exactly what they were seeing,

And sitting there while they go

through their preflight checks

what they were doing, why we're pulling up

at the angle that we're pulling up at,

what we're flying over.

I mean looking out over the red dessert,

even just with the MVGs on,

the landscape falling away beneath them.

That will be the memory that stays with me

and probably the one moment

where I really appreciated

I think that was the moment for me

that it kinda went (snapping)

oh yeah, that's why people do it.

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