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  • Nicky Smith
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I actually watched a Jaguar pilot eject,

Jon Witte, Jaguar pilot eject.

We just had took off from Lossimouth.

We happen to be airborne on an airtest.

And waited across the runway

virtually hovering and watching it get airborne

heard him call,

"Mayday, ejecting.

Watched him eject.

Watched him float down in his parachute

and went and picked him up.

The pilot, Jon Witte,

the pilot who'd ejected,

he was so grateful to his female heroines

who'd risk life and limb to rescue him

that he was gonna give them a crate of champagne

to thank them.

Well, some years later,

Jane and I were at a

I think it was a Christmas draw,

in a different office's mess,

and so happened that Jon was there.

And so we went up to him, we said,

Jon, it was in a national newspaper

that you were going to give us

a crate of champagne to thank us

for rescuing you.

And we still haven't had that crate of champagne.

So, he acquiesced and bought us

a bottle of champagne that night.

So I think he (laugh),

don't know what happened

to the other 11 bottles though.

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