• The light blue turban got dirty very easily

    Balbir Flora
  • After three weeks I could see the difference being in the RAF had made

    Emma Knutzen
  • Tug of war is the hardest thing I've done

    Cpl Chris Elliot
  • My brother used to electrocute me.

  • It was four years of exceptionally hard work.

    Dheeraj Bhasin
  • The locals all knew there was a secret plane with no propellor.

    Stan Holmes
  • I knew that unless I got help quickly I would die.

    Robbie Stewart
  • My father suffered terribly with PTSD

    Minnie Driver
  • Good food ruined by bad cooks

    Ronald Davis
  • We still had German POWs working outside the base

    John Douglas Hill
  • He didn't know whether to punish me or just laugh.

    Charlie Hammerton
  • You can't imagine an eleven year old being sent to war

    Emma Knutzen