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Bus Driving

  • Trevor Edwards
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


The airlines compared to the Air Force is very different.

You were a racing driver, driving round a track,

in a very specialized machine.

And now you're driving, a bus down a highway,

and you know, you've got to think passengers,

and safety, don't spill the drinks,

keep away from the bumps, make that turn nice and gently.

So it's just a different way of flying.

It's a job to do after you've done

that fast racing around stuff.

Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to have done that

straight out of University or out of school

as some of the guys do, 'cause you kind of need to get

that fast stuff out the system I think before you

sit down and have someone bring you

cups of tea halfway through a trip.

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