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Crash Rehearsal

  • Trevor Morris
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We went on a long trip across the continent

and came back at two o'clock in the morning

and we approached Littleport

and Littleport is very close to Royal Air Force Wyton

and I was flying with the Squadron Leader Hayward,

remember his name.

He was an awful pilot.

He couldn't land for toffee.

All of his flights were like a rehearsed crash.

Surprise he didn't bust the undercarriage

or bust the tires but his approach

was to come into the air field,

he was to come over the hedge at 100 mile an hour

and he'd be taking off all his harness

without looking at the runway,

we're down bump and that would be that

and I thought thank God we've landed.

But one night we called Littleport Tower

that we were gonna land and we went in the circuit

and I said excuse me, sir, I'm sorry to bother you,

we gonna land at Wyton.

He said, look, he said,

I'm doing my job, you do yours,

we're certainly not gonna land at Wyton.

So, guess what?

We landed at Wyton

'cause we got out and he said this isn't Littleport.

I said no, it's Wyton.

So, we all got back in the plane

and eventually got back to Littleport

but that was quite interesting.

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