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One of the Lads

  • Michelle Partington
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So this was a new role for the regiment anyway,

and the first people to do it was a lad that went before me.

So it was a brand-new role.

And 'cause they are team medics themselves,

but what they needed was expertise,

because if somebody gets blown up on patrol,

the team medics can't put an airway in

and then can't put a canulla in,

so they needed that expertise there.

So the lad did it, and he put an end of tour report

to say, oh this isn't a female job.


You know, they can't do this.

I think because of the strength, and you have to start,

you know, you're walking around with a med kit on

doing patrols, and they said, oh,

they're not gonna be as strong as the men able to do it.

And I had a couple of little accidents,

because my legs were, you know,

I'm not gifted in the height department to be fair,

so having that and then the Bergen, which was

half my size again, trying to jump a waddy.

It was quite difficult.

But some of the lads fell as well.

So it isn't just, you know,

females can't do it.

And it's all about mutual respect,

and standards,

and that is what it's about.

But I just did everything that they would do.

And I think the stigma soon shifted.

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