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  • Michelle Partington
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I joined up with only GTSE, and that as in art

because I couldn't revise.

There was no opportunity for me to revise.

I took all my exams without any prep really.

And although I came out of school with nine GTSEs,

there was only one at O level standard.

So I sat whilst I was admin,

I sat my math and english,

so then I gained qualifications while I was inside.

Now, I reached the rank of sergeant

before realizing that actually I was gonna go for paramedic,

and it only really became an opportunity

when I reached rank of sergeant.

So then I went to the training of it

and absolutely loved it.

I got the book.

Academically I was very, very poor,

and I literally, and that's throughout the whole

of my career, I literally just got enough

to pass academically, but practically, I smashed it.


So, you know, yeah, I got through the training,

and it was great.

I loved every second of it.

And now I've got letters after my name,

which is quite embarrassing.

I find it embarrassing.

I don't really use them, but for me,

it just shows how far I've traveled,

but all that was thanks to being in the military.

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