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  • Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


But then I was moved up to Coltishall,

near Norwich.

And from there we did Pathfinders.

(engine roars)

You'd count them out

with incendiary bombs.

You knew the call-sign, usually,

of the boy you were dancing with

the night before.

And you'd wait for the chaps,

for the call-signs of the

As they came up, as they

they'd get increased height,

so that they came within the scope

of the radar.

And you'd hear their call-sign,

and you'd say, oh, that's Johnny,

that's Brian,


And I remember, one of the

with one of the pilots,

and her boy didn't come.

That was terrible.

But that's war.

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