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The King’s Colour Squadron

  • Fg Off James Hudson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


So I'm part a ceremonial training team.

So I was in my office

that were coming down from 34 Squadron,

and my flight sergeant came and he said

So I went to the lecture room

There was the bearer party standing there

And they also lots officer and the CEO

You are going to be doing that.

Oh, wow.

Massive honour.

I think there was a lot of

meetings of higher ranks

going on behind closed doors, which is

fair enough.

A couple of hours went by,

um, activity with prepping my kit

I knew I'd be a part of

the job, whether that be bearer party

or the guard of honour


Got called into the lecture room,

was told you're on the bearer party.

You know, it was a it was a massive honour.

It was

we weren't really allowed

to tell friends or family

But I rang my wife and I said,

went back for a few days.

And I think she knew straight away and,

you could just sense the occasion

something it was

Whatever happened.

And to be a part of it was unbelievable

So there’s the officer in charge of the air bearer party

warrant officer, warrant officer Martin who's the,

now King’s Colour Squadron warrant officer

who bear a royal coffin

as opposed to six for a non-royal

And then we had two reserves as well,

Sergeant Sean Newton,

who deployed with us to ensure

were all met and that sort of the support needs

It's all about teamwork.

It's about trusting each other.

The mechanics are pretty simple for us.

As long as we just listen to the boss,

as long as the boss gets it right,

And then it's just all about teamwork

because everyone's different,

Um, every situation is different,

So it was just adapting

and just go in with your

The first time I'd ever

carried a coffin in the military,

Um, so training wise, the squadron,

like I said, the squadron hold

So in the hangar we've got a

So we kind of got used to of what, what,

the ramp, carrying a

And then obviously once

we were selected, it was kind of the bearer party

off you go, practice.

However, you need to practice

and be ready for the day.

Done a few a few jobs.

whilst I have been on the squadron, but

Her Majesty's funeral.

So but we do plenty of training.

We train week in, week out, in preparation

So everyone is well prepared, everyone's

At work in the hangar,

a mock

aircraft ramp and we have a hearse

Practice with that.

So we just practice in day in, day out,

from the hearse onto the ramp,

taking it off the catafalque off the aircraft

all day, every day.

Just practice and practice.

And then even when we got

got there on the Sunday,

And then on Monday we out of rehearsal

and then

seeing the aircraft,

but that being done on a C-17,

the difference was between the two ramps

But luckily there was no issues

The people who were chosen for

this particular job were kind of scattered

But we all know each other well.

You know,

And it wasn't difficult for us to,

you know, put it together and

And we rehearsed for it a lot.

It's something we've been preparing for

in that sense, yeah,

it was it was relatively easy

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