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  • Fg Off James Hudson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


So I was in the officers mess

with a number of the other officers

And we'd we'd sort of been closely

throughout the week really as we

when we just sat down to dinner and it was

just as we were finishing dinner

of the passing of Her Late Majesty

was a sad moment really for the squadron

I think a lot of people felt

And there's a number of other units

to the Royal Family

amongst others on the station,

that were were upset

And I think that kind of started

see later throughout the nation

quite a deep and emotional level to to

So we were actually rehearsing for

so we were supposed to be going to Paris

So we rehearsed in that in our in our big

at the time

It was kind of

not expected, but people knew

she was poorly.

I think it was it was a matter of time.

And when the when the news came

It was all hands on deck.

It was just to be available to

Because at that point

and all the high ranking officers,

You know,

So, yeah, it was a case of,

My wife and I said, don't expect me

You know, this is

this is number one priority

now for for the whole of the military,

When she passed, I was

Just waiting and for the for the news that

that nobody really wanted.

And then from then on

And we were when

everything just got dropped

and it was all right,

We've trained for it.

This is what we need to do kind of thing.

We knew what the squadron's role was so

the Guard of Honour on the repatriation,

And then obviously we knew that

But at that point

Later we train for it all the time,

Oh, this is going to happen.

So and then when it did happen,

and it was just go time.

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