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Chain of Command

  • Ray Pentland


One of the things that

is important to think about

So it's boots on the ground.

You're there

you stand slightly aside from the chain

you don't have executive authority,

But so you see,

rank is there to get you into places

So on a day to day basis, yes you've got

all the people doing their ordinary work.

Go into offices in the hangars

where the flight line created

but you also have direct access

So the station commander, the detachment

But also, you're often

outside of the chain.

So you can find yourself on a late night

and notice

and just a drop in

Why are you still here?

What's going on?

A colleague, a colleague of mine

to get the answer "I'm choosing who might

as they were going through the targets

And he just sat with him

not making those decisions,

there as he worked through his own mind

And those stories are repeated

There's times when we have been

to talk to about something or somebody

and sometimes it's really strange advice.

Like you're

I'm worried about Fred.

So in a surreptitious way,

in his flight line,

and sometimes go back and say,

We need to get help.

In Vietnam.

What would happen

Vietnam, they found a sniper

and the chaplain was worth $1,000

because they knew that

and had a chaplain removed,

Not least,

if that bloke that speaks to God

But as a whole, morale issue

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