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Vicars in Uniform

  • Ray Pentland
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So my

we were vicars in uniform.

He would have seen himself very much

as the vicar

And we'd walk around the patch

very much looking after people who were.

So I like the church

But that was very much he saw himself

Of course I joined on the late August 1990

after Saddam Hussein had invaded

Kuwait and the world was changed forever.

Of course seeing having had the Berlin

Then we had a very different war from

And of course

people were suddenly going off to war

It was quite an interesting

There's a whole thing about the military

to Saudi Arabia.

Where everything will be launched from

But actually the leaders of the military

stood up and said,

Strangely enough, they call themselves

which is a bit bizarre.

Nobody ever asked why welfare worker

with some bread and wine

But as I say, that started to change

and never again

through to war

on operational commanders actually were

how many can you give me

So a lot of things changed.

So it changed from a very much


But basically it's making relationships

you go back to Cranwell.

My first senior chaplain

I never in working

And he used to get cross with me

And I would say that's my fault.

They should know who I am

And my job, I always thought,

so people would know.

And so a story against him.

We were walking along

come along saw him.

He was a wing commander and said.

Morning, sir.

Saw me behind them said, Oh, hi, Padre.

So in a sense, I thought, I've won.

Nasty as I was.

But it's that point of building

so that by the time you come.

So I.

So I arrive in Bosnia.

I've already

I'd already knew lots of people.

And so that was that friendship

The year before,

and had been attacked in a convoy

I'd been back in Germany with those people

looked after the family.

So, yeah, good and bad times.

You're there for all of that.

But always about coming alongside people

laughing, lots of laughing,

  • Ray Pentland

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