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Life in England

  • Albert Jarrett
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


To tell you the truth.

When I landed in Southampton

I wish, I was hoping we'd turn round and go back

And if no,

it wasn't very warm, let me tell you

and I just coming from

It's 98 there sometimes

And I got here

some time around March and so on.

I think

I realize it also.

I couldn't realize it was so cold at the time

really having that same temperature

and it doesn't feel so cold after a while

But you know, the idea

place on is like taking me from

from the fire, and put me in the ice box

But we were quite happy.

Yeah, I don't know.

Over again, it was the height of the war

The Germans were bombing places like Coventry,

and we know it was going on

But I don't know what they're doing,

but you as an armed forces person,

because I felt that way even though I was younger,

but I don't know

Make us feel good,

Without any fear

know, people been dying in so much really a lot

and you never

I could die here.,

I know.

I mean, I used to spend a lot of time

in Manchester because I did have

my girlfriend in Manchester.

She was French.

Her name was Marie and

we used to go up to .

Belle Vue in Manchester

and she was very good at playing the piano

So we used to have a fantastic time there.


And then

they come to the time I went home

and everything, everything's all off then


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