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Joining Up

  • Albert Jarrett
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When England started to recruit

people from the West Indies for the armed forces,

it was one of the great days

one of the days to remember

It was my great escape.

As a child, there's not much I could do

because I was so much protected.

I didn't....

I didn't mix a lot with the other children

My great....

what should I say?


I should say that was to get away

from the restriction of my parents

When the air force started to recruit

people in Jamaica,

and that was my desire being fulfilled

. I went out.

That was how

I met my, my best friend, brotherly friend.

And he never told me

before that day when I met him.

and I asked him where he was going

and he said that he's

going into Montego Bay today

because the air force are recruiting,

and that was just what I wanted to hear.

So I said, OK, come on,

and I went too

I went into Montego town

was just about to go on 17

January and after and afterwards

they were, I would say.

The adventurous part of my life started.

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