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RAF Lyneham

  • Sqn Ldr Catherine Lawson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


RAF Lyneham obviously closed afterwards,

we'd moved the C 130 force out, or after everybody else

moved out after us.

I think it's quite interesting when you start to see

bases close, especially if you've got

a close relationship with that base.

So when you close aircraft down it's a similar thing.

I was there at the end of the Jaguar force, as well,

and you know, when the kit starts to get sold off,

when the aircraft are sold off or scrapped,

and you know the same with Lyneham,

when the buildings are closed up finally,

it's really quite heart-wrenching,

'cause you've got so many memories of working at that camp

with some amazing people, as well.

And then you finally all kind of lock up

and put a closed sign on the gate, and off you go.

Yeah, it's really quite a difficult thing to do.

It's almost like leaving an old friend behind,

which, let's face it, we never like to do anyway.

And that's what it was like leaving Lyneham.

It was a camp that I really enjoyed being at,

it was a lovely camp to be at, as well.

And to leave it behind was,

yeah, it was quite heart-wrenching.

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