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Boscombe Down

  • Sqn Ldr Catherine Lawson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My current role is based at Boscombe Down.

MoD Boscombe Down in Salisbury.

And I work alongside kinetic colleagues.

So I have four flight lieutenant engineers under command.

So we have a really small military team.

But we're bolstered by

the kinetic weapons integration team as well.

And I think we've got a really good culture down there

in terms of the support that we've managed to achieve.

And we really work as one team.

Right to the point of being output focused

so that we can see what any particular platform needs,

and we'll try and ensure that our output

achieves those requirements.

Boscombe Downs, an interesting camp.

It's got an awful lot of amazing history.

But obviously it is quite, quite run-down.

It's been there an awful long time.

And so we work in what I affectionately call a shed.

It's a metal-roofed building

that's got some interesting challenges.

And when we look at the ramshackled facility,

to some extent that we've got there,

compared to the output that we achieve,

it's pretty remarkable actually

what people can achieve given the right impetus.

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