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Attack on Scampton

  • Ronald Davis
  • Interview by: Tod Nicol


One afternoon,

Jerry came over and machine-gunned one part of the airfield.

But not a lot of damage was done.

The other thing that happened as a result of that,

was that the aero planes that they

thought were vulnerable on the ground.

So they decided that of the squadron,

six of the aircraft would be dispersed to another airfield

just a mile or two, or landing-strip,

a mile or two away.

So the day Jerry did decide to come over

and have a go again,

he could only get half the squadron

not the whole squadron.

And every night, six aero planes would go over there,

with two ground crew.

You would have six pilots and two ground crew.

And then we used to button up the six for the night,

and come back in another aero plane.

And next morning you'd go back,

and bring them back again.

Now, the story goes,

that, after a while, somebody had the bright idea.

That, instead of, a waste of time

and the effort of getting six aero planes

onto another field was really not worth it.

But after a while, somebody had the bright idea

that they'd make up six mock Hampdens in wood,

and put them at this other airfield.

The story goes that, two days after it happened,

Jerry came over and dropped a wooden bomb on that airfield.


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