• Without the Mulberry D-Day couldn't have gone ahead

    Ralph Levy
  • We'd found a true time capsule of a Sptifire

    Jonny McNee
  • I don't believe in women pilots, but you're ok.

  • You've got five minutes to get off the aircraft.

    Julie Gibson
  • Bravo November arrives at RAF Cosford

  • It's ridiculous to believe that an aircraft can be lucky

    Andy Lawless
  • Chaps, I've just been shot in the head

    Ian Fortune
  • Someone had been shot down the day before we arrived

    Mike Beech
  • This was turbulence at a level I had never experienced before

    Mike Beer
  • You needed to build the confidence that you would survive

    Murdo MacLeod
  • We had to ensure those ships weren't attacked

    Tony Cowan
  • I was with the military and I tried to be as military as possible

    Alford Gardner