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  • Caroline Paige
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


You still do have the influence of people who have been

told that it's wrong and it's something that you should

laugh at and bully so you still get the bullies and things.

But one of the most positive experiences

I had was a day after a school visit.

The school phoned me up and said

can I just tell you what happened yesterday

so I said yes and they said a 15 year old student,

the day after my talk, went into the classroom,

said to the teacher, said to his teacher,

can I speak to the class please

and she said yes, why, he said I just want to speak

about that talk we had yesterday.

So this youngster stood up in front of all his classmates

and he said I want to apologize to everyone

because I've been a bully.

I've been bullying LGBT people for a long time now

and I thought it was really funny.

And I thought it was good to do

and I realized I didn't understand what it mean to be LGBT.

And I'm really embarrassed about my attitude

and I want to stand up in front of everybody

and say how sorry I am.

And that was just wonderful to me.

That was absolutely what it's all about.

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