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Cosford’s TSR 2

  • Dave Chambers
  • Interview by: Jon Summerfield


TSR-2 was an amazing plane.

We were privileged to work on it

and we realized that even at the time.

It was exciting time.

And of course, the one that we are in now

is the one that both Chris and I worked on,

so it has tremendous,

really specialty was this one here.

Yeah, very special.

It was the one that fell off the low loader.

Well, we went down to all the villages

on the Pickfords low loader,

I think it was Pickfords.

It was followed every evening on the news

which was quite fascinating

and they go to Boscombe Down.

We then were notified by this guy

running up the hangar

to say that we had more over time

'cause number two had fallen off

onto the tarmac and was damaged,

so number three had to be got ready quick.

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