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Hendon’s Wellington Bomber

  • Graham Withers
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The Wellington figured very much

in my father's life, apart from the other things

like tiger moths and ants and that.

My father flew various Wellingtons

all throughout the war so the Wellington

is my passion.

And as you probably know there are some

11,462 Wellingtons were built.

Sadly, we've only got two left now.

One, for Robert, is kept at the Brooklyn's Museum.

That was what's known as Lochness Wellington

as it was a time expired, i.e. it was rather

worn out from the earlier battles

so it was then used in a training aircraft.

It came down onto a frozen Lochness

and sank to the bottom.

And then in I think about 20-30 years ago

the Heriot-Watt University raised it up

and it's now down there.

And then of course you had my Wellington,

as I call it, here at Hendon although

it's now with you at Cosford moment being revamped.

And that was a T10, a marker, the last ones

and I believe as well it took part in the

black and white film on "The Dam Busters".

You actually see it being flown there

that was the game.

Sadly there's only two Wellingtons we've got left now.

So I want to look forward to the return

of the Wellington to Hendon I hope.

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