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Christianity and Military Service

  • Alice McDermot
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When I first came to faith in my 30s

one of the things I hadn't realized was

quite a lot of Christians

would label themselves as pacifist.

So here I was in the military.

I was flying, captain of an aircraft

that didn't have weapons on it but would have sometimes

weapons in it that I was delivering somewhere.

And if I wasn't delivering weapons

I was putting soldiers on the ground in Iraq and,

like it or not, I was indirectly part of the war machine.

Some Christians will believe that what we need to do is

withdraw and not get involved.

And to show the example of pacifism.

However when we don't get involved

people die.

And so I think, as a Christian,

we each have to come to our own position.

And you need to find a peace of being involved or not

and I do strongly believe that at times,

when all else is exhausted, that sometimes there's a place

to intervene for the sake of those without a voice

and without power.

Now somebody that doesn't have faith can have

just as strong morals.

I'm not saying that Christians have the morals

but I think it's good to have

people embedded within the military that are thinking

is what we're doing right.

Is how we're doing it right?

And if not how should we be doing it.

  • Alice McDermott in uniform and clerical collar

    © RAF Museum

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