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Eating Disorders Network

  • Flt Lt Khym Pascoe
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon-Juckes


In 2020.

Just before COVID or in

I was actually going through a really,

and it made me sit

and trying to learn

and where I was going, etc.. And,

you know, I kind of revisited

elements of my past from losing my mom at 18

to experiencing my eating disorder from 14

until I joined up really.

And it was a time where I felt like

And it's true

you often come out the other side

And that's exactly what happened.

And I thought a lot

And so I want to learn more about this.

I've got the capacity, what can I do

So I actually contacted BEAT

organization for eating disorders,

and they had ambassador training.

So I took part in the ambassador training,

and all families of sufferers

and learn about how they could

took part in the

course and became a great ambassador

I think it was 2020

I was literally just inundated by emails

from people that had family members

that were working with colleagues,

support them.

And ultimately, you know,

of eating disorders is imperative.

And I sometimes feel like,

environment creates that stigma of,

we've got to try and not talk about it

Absolutely not.

You know,

for having an eating disorder.

And I think that that's for everyone

will agree, you know, that it's

and they've had to revisit

a lot in their life to better understand

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