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Aircraft Recognition

  • Ronald Anderson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon-Jukes


We had

a squadron leader

who came from the RAF unit

at Harrogate once a fortnight

to teach us about

the history of the RAF

how you could do certain things,

And I remember his.

He was a pleasant chap.

He'd been a been retired for

flying corps had been retired

but he used to treat us

used to take us for

and they had silhouettes on the wall.

They had things flying across the screen

and you had to identify these aircraft.

He was

he told us

what was port side

And Barnes could never get this.

And this chap and this squadron

I can remember him getting so exasperated

as he

at the fact he couldn't understand

which was port and which was starboard

and he banged his

fist on the table

and said

Port damn it!

Port! The way you passed it after dinner

and Barnes just looked at him

He probably

he’d never had port after dinner

he didn’t know what he was talking about,

but it was a great source of amusement

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