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Responding to the Pandemic

  • Air Cdre David McLoughlin CBE
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I was at Air Command at the time.

So one star very much running the system,

And what's really interesting

looking back now is that the RAF delivered

the initial government

And how that came about was

it became publicly

January 2019, 2020 period

and in late January 2020

the Foreign Office had decided

on the RAF was asked to provide

and we were asked to do that

of successfully moving patients

on our previous history of dealing

If you look back

but of course at that time we didn't,

It was complex dealing with the Chinese,

there was a lot of ambiguity

and I think those people that went

So, so we provided the escorts

The Foreign Office hired a Spanish 747

our med teams went and met the Spanish

air crew and cabin crew teams, flew

and on the way out RAF medical teams

medical people on the flight

Because again we didn't really quite know

and we escorted those patients back.

A week or so later

This all made number one

those flights landing at Brize Norton

quarantine, were life number one news.

But in that time of initial response

to the crisis,

to help the country in the time of need.

And I'm really proud of the job

by those nurses and medics

said, you know, we just actually didn't

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