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Married to the Red Arrows

  • Jill McGregor
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We went up to the Isle of Anglesey,

flung island off the coast of Wales, and

very shortly after our

arrival or my arrival

as a newly married wife,

they were looking for

a Red Arrow recruit or even recruits.

Well, of course, somebody put up two

arms, two legs and down

and joined the team.

I say I joined the team.

All I had to do was

introduce myself to eight other pilots

and at one of our socializing events,

a bonding event with the whole team, I was

heard to explain

my love and excitement

So one of the chaps that happened to be

in the simulator unit,

and he said, Well,

Well, of course I would.

So I had to go

and getting used to the way it moved as

one tilted this

or that lever or

rotated a knob and

just used a fair amount of imagination

in order to give

which is this effect of flying

but coming out of that road

the right way up.

After about six sessions,

I really knew

I knew what I was doing


And another feature they asked of me

was that

I should stand on the datum point,

which is where the air show was centered

and give crowd feedback.

So when they put their smoke

if they did it too early,

and people,

perhaps delay it a little and

extras like that helped them

produce the wow factor for the crowd

blotting it out

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