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13th Sortie

  • Maurice Bennett
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Training command sent us a squadron leader to Linsenauge.

His objectives was to chat with crews

to see whether training command could help in any way

or, so uh,

Jerry Waller, our squadron CO

"Well the best thing you can do is go out

on a raid tonight with him

and see for yourself".

I thought that's a bit unkind.

And he also had another sense of humor,

and he said "you can go with Sergeant Bennet"

I wasn't a commissioner at that time,

"you can go with Sergeant Bennet

and it's his 13th trip".



So we're on the way out to the aircraft,

this squadron leader, he was a great chap,

he said "what do they call you when you're on board?"

and I said "well they call me Skipper".

And he said "what do you call them?"

I said "well I call them by their Christian names,

they're all different, so if I want to speak

with the bomber I say 'Percy',

if I want to speak with the rear gunner, it's Fred".

So he said "right, when we're on board

I'm one of your crew, and my name is John

so if you want to speak with John", he said.

"Soon as we step outside, it's Sir".

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