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Combat Ready

  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


Training never finishes.

Once you get onto

a frontline squadron,

you will theoretically have had a three year run,

Elementary Basic, Advanced Flying Training

Tactical Weapons Training, your Operational Conversion Unit,

you're finally on a squadron.

But you're still not combat ready.

And then you need to get yourself combat ready

and once you're combat ready

you want to be a Pairs Lead and then a Fours Lead.

And then a larger Formation Leader Comair

or depends how they grade it.

But it never stops

and so finally I got onto 54 squadron,

and combat ready training was required,

and there was a lot of pressure on it

because there were operations ongoing at the time,

which was the Bosnian conflict.

So it was operation Deliberate Force and operation

Deliberate Guard, and I flew on both of those operations.

So I got to

Cold Short and there was a lot, not a lot

of pressure, they wanted me to get combat ready as quickly

as was possible, to help relieve the guys that were

on this persistent operation.

So I had a very short combat ready work-up.

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