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RAF 100 Years

  • Sheldon Skeete
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The RAF News Editor, Tracy, she had seen

before CI One, she had seen something somewhere

on the internet.

Some RAF guy won some title.

So she basically emailed me,

and I got back to her.

She wrote an article.

Printed it in the RAF News.

And for the following three years, she continued

to write those articles because I won those years.

And then her boss decided,

this year we're celebrating 100 years

of the existence of the RAF.

It would be fitting to have a song.

(upbeat calypso music)

So, I decided to write.

I'm gonna write a song.

And what I wanted to incorporate

in there was,

I didn't want to involve too much things about war,

because I don't want people to think

the RAF is only about fighting wars.

So, I wanted to give them a bit of history,

and then I also wanted to talk

about, again like I say I don't want

to be focused on any wars too much,

but highlight the fact

that the RAF, we give aid

to you know, whenever countries are in need.

So, we saw what happened last year in Indonesia.

The year before that in the Caribbean

when they had the hurricane devastation.

The RAF responded with you know, urgency

to get out there and support these people

in whatever way we can.

So I wanted to show right,

over the hundred years of our existence, this is

what we're about.

We started here, we've done this,

we've changed this.

this is what we are all about.

(upbeat music continues)

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