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Operation Telic

  • Paul Twitchell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Okay, Operation TELIC was an operation

that utilized a whole coalition of countries.

It was very political for a very long time

before leading up to the coalition

goin' across the border from Kuwait

and various other places to actually go into Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq

and it was deemed that he was not dealing

very well with certain groups of people in his country,

but also there was a suspicion of

weapons of mass destruction

that could have an effect on the rest of the planet.

Now we, as bomb disposal,

which was my role when I was,

we had a joint force EOD group,

Explosive Ordinance Disposal group,

so that was made up of Army, Navy and Air Force.

And we all congregated in a certain place

and then, when the time came, we went across the border

and started dealing with whatever we needed to deal with.

We knew there were going to be plenty of booby traps left.

We knew there was going to be plenty

of munitions on the ground, even legacy weapons

all the way back from the Russian invasion.

And, so, we, but still, we were very surprised

when we went across the border at how many munitions

there were laying around on the ground.

It's normal to see bombs, projectiles,

missiles laying at the side of the road in Iraq, yeah.

  • Paul Twitchell

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