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Blenheim Crash

  • Bill Burberry
  • Interview by: Tod Nicol


We bombed this night fighter station,

then came back over the Scheldt Estuary

and so, I was reeling out the trailing aerial, right hand

and then it disappeared

and (Bill grumbles) and I looked,

I could just see there was a dim red light.

The receiver, that shape normally,

suddenly like a barrel, caught a canon shell.

And I had bits of it in me arm.

Didn't like that.

So, I went into comet gone,

I crawled forward

and Bob, there's no radio,

we can't send a signal,

I'm hit, I was too, didn't like that

and he said we'd better bail out.

I said I can't, my parachute shot away.

One engine had gone

and he was struggling to keep it in the air

'cause the plane didn't fly too well on one engine

and coming over the coast,

lost our other engine.

We just then floating down.

Crashed, on fire.

I was facing towards the tail

looking to what's left of the tail.

Then all the farm hands turned up.

And this was the night of the big raid on Norwich,

so they knew there was something up.

Bob had a funny uniform on anyway,

being the Australia Air Force.

It's all right, we're the British.

Bleeding hands, hang 'em.

So, they sent of their crew off to bring ropes.

I thought don't like this at all.

There I was all singed in this

and they actually brought ropes and found a tree.

So, along came fortunately the owner of the farm

and he soon put everything right.

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