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Bad Electrician

  • Steve Bond
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We had a guy

at Newton, our electrician

and I always remember this,

he was a bit of an accident waiting to happen

actually this guy

and when you were doing your before flight checks

on the Chipmunks especially

in the hanger,

you had to make sure

that when you switched on any power,

nothing untoward happens

and when you, one of the things you had to do

on the Chipmunk when you were doing your before flight

is to get on the propellor

and just spin the prop two or three times,

just what you're doing there

is you're making sure that oil

that's accumulated in the bottom of the engine over night

is now distributed through the engine

'cause if you don't do that

and you try and start it, you can blow off to cinders.

And this chap was doing this

and the engine went bang, bang, bang and tried to start

because he put the magnetos

which is on which you're not supposed to do.

Fortunately there was nobody around.

The other thing he was notoriously famous for

was we bought a new kettle for the crew room

and he came and asked somebody how to write the plug.

He's an electrician.

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