• Wherever the RAF goes, the Regiment is there to protect them

    Ian Sweet
  • Mom plotted the buzz bombs

    Lynn Martin
  • My uncle was one of 'The Few' but he was no-one special

    Sean Maffett
  • We suspected they were climbing up the lockers and jumping onto us.

    Colin Campbell
  • We knew we weren't going home.

    Bob Ankerson
  • If the enemy used chemical weapons I would have to remove my turban

    Balbir Flora
  • I saw a job advert in Cosmopolitan

    Suzanne Flynn
  • A two year old doesn't understand why Mum has to go away.

    Joan Ochuodho
  • Everyone has a role to play.

    Charles Hammerton
  • He had bullets but no rifles.

    Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • Could you drop a nuclear bomb?

    John Peters
  • One third of the men on the Empire Windrush were RAF crew.

    Mark Johnson