• It's the connection with other people that I love best

    Veronica Moraa Pickering
  • We need to attract the best

    Balbir Flora
  • It was the most beautiful sight in the world

    Martin Withers
  • I'd have been quite happy to go in at less than 100 ft

    Martin Withers
  • When the engines started up you felt the earth move

    Brian Burgess
  • They left the hangar like brand new aircraft

    Peter Hubert
  • I saw flying fish and dolphins! A boy from London!

    Peter Hubert
  • Only four of the crew came back

    Keith Palmer
  • We tried to live as normal a life as possible

    David Lang
  • Without the Mulberry D-Day couldn't have gone ahead

    Ralph Levy
  • We'd found a true time capsule of a Sptifire

    Jonny McNee
  • I don't believe in women pilots, but you're ok.