• He almost became a member of their crew

  • This place has played an ageless part in aviation history

    Guy Thomas
  • Llynclys bomber crash

  • I was captain of the aircraft with no operational experience at all

    Benny Goodman
  • The Tirpitz represented a threat to the whole Atlantic Ocean

    Benny Goodman
  • ... we didn't have all the modern equipment

    Squadron Leader Lefroy
  • ... suffering very badly from dysentery

    Flying Officer Joseph Sudell
  • The Beverley was a strange looking beast

    Peter Pilkington
  • It felt as if war was imminent. And we were very scared of that

    Ralph Levy
  • Fog was a real bloody nuisance

    Alfred Huberman
  • The Dutch were starving under German occupation

  • Eli Cashdan