• I've had to do a patient assessment through a window

    Wing Commander Adrian Gillespie
  • You have to build a rapport

    Flight Lieutenant Kathryn Clancy
  • We didn't feel like we deserved it, but it was lovely to see that recognition

    Kathryn Clancy
  • It's a bunker scenario.

    Aswin Rana
  • The schoolgirl who helped to build the Spitfire

  • A star performer

  • One of the most remarkable figures in British wartime intelligence

  • We weren't allowed to go near the WAAFs

    Derek Smith
  • We all had to behave ourselves for a while

    Derek Smith
  • The navigator is the brains of the aircraft.

    Mark Johnson
  • You'll have no armour and only two guns. You'll be going after The Tirpitz.

    Benny Goodman
  • The navigators deserve all the praise

    Benny Goodman