• We have satellites now the size of a credit card

    Christopher Read MBE
  • Space is a bit of a free-for-all

    Charlotte Newton
  • It was a great way to get through the lockdown

    Sgt James Buckley
  • Three and a half years of Hell

    John Fisher
  • There were things that happened that preyed on the mind

    Lloyd Levy
  • The most evil doctrine

    Alfred Huberman
  • I was a bit worried about my eyes

    Benny Goodman
  • There are so many different ways to be involved with the RAF

    Veronica Moraa Pickering
  • I didn't even know where Northern Ireland was

    Donald Campbell
  • You've got twelve unruly youngsters and you think "I was just like that"

    Donald Campbell
  • I've been honoured by The Queen twice

    Balbir Flora
  • Abandon aircraft!

    Jim Vinales